This Little Mosque On a Huge Cliff Is The Perfect Place to Pray If You’re a Nature Lover
By Mvslim
July 2019

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Located some 3200 meters about sea level, a cliffside mosque in Turkey’s northern Black Sea province is attracting tourists who enjoy the spectacular view.
The mosque is locally known as Kirklar. Located between the regions of Bayburt and Trabzon, it attracts the faithful and nature lovers to experience the unique foggy, cloudy atmosphere.
“This place creates a feeling of eternity,” said Nurten Balci, noting that she is visiting the place for the second time, Anadolu Agency reported.

“I want to come every year!” Fatma Nur said, “Certainly, this is a place that should be visited,” adding that she found the place “unexpectedly pleasant.”

“Kirklar” was a term reserved for worthies who come up with solutions to social issues. The mosque, whose age is unknown, is believed to be the meeting place of such luminaries.
Are you already packing your prayer mats to pray at this unique mosque, or do you have a fear of heights?
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