Burma Task Force USA

Burma Task Force USA
is a great day for those fighting to prevent genocide in the world.
its landmark decision, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) proved that the
light of justice cannot be extinguished.
the first time, the highest court in the world has declared that Rohingyas in
Mynamar must be protected against genocide. Burma Task Force now asks Burma and
Bangladesh both to allow Rohingya the right to education, the right to earn a
living and the right to travel as soon as possible.
leaders were at ICJ in the Hague over the last few days, as was Imam Abdul
Malik Mujahid, awaiting the decision. “We thank the Court for this important
step towards peace and justice. It is time for certain governments to stop
making excuses for Burma,” stated Imam Mujahid.
hearts renewed with hope, we join with Rohingya and other persecuted minorities
of Burma to call on the Burmese people to face their responsibilities for
ensuring justice is done for all.”
are the four major decisions that the ICJ’s panel of 17 judges gave
it established that the court has the right to hear the case. It also ruled
that the Gambia was well within its rights to bring this case to the court
under the Genocide Convention, contrary to Burma’s contention that it had no
such right.
Secondly, it ordered Burma to protect all 600,000 Rohingyas who are left in
Burma from all military, and paramilitary forces from harming them physically
or mentally.
Thirdly, the court ordered Burma to preserve all evidence of genocide.
And lastly, the court asked Myanmar to submit a report within 4 months .
The ruling of the court was unanimous, including even the assent of a Burmese
and Chinese judge.
Here is our official press release, as well as the
official judgement from the ICJ. You can learn more about the details of the
case here.
This is a historic win for the Rohingya people and for the struggle to end
genocide for good. However, we must not rest, as pressure must be kept on Burma
to ensure the regime abides by the ruling.
Netherlands and Canada have set a great example by publicly claiming their
support for the Gambia in its case at the ICJ. Please call leaders from other
countries, including the U.S., and ask for their support as well.
Burma Task Force

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