Eid Gift Distribution by Rahmah Foundation | Bringing smiles on their faces 2024

Eid Gift Distribution by Rahmah Foundation | Bringing smiles on their faces

Eid Gift Distribution by Rahmah Foundation

You can spread joy in Eid by giving gifts to orphans and vulnerable children.

A widespread tradition of Eid is the exchanging of gifts, known as Eidi or Eidiya.

Eid gifts are a special part of Rahmah Foundation, and for communities and children living in poverty, it can be transformative.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) encouraged this practice by saying:

Give gifts to one another, you will love each other.-  Hadith | Al Mufrad

Our Programme of  Eid Gift Distribution by Rahmah Foundation

 Every year, Rahmah Foundation runs a program to provide gifts to vulnerable children and orphans, whose caregivers are unable to do so, giving them something to smile about while they face difficult circumstances.

Our program has provided for the most vulnerable groups of below poverty line families, widows and orphans,

These gifts provide families with useful items such as dates, Sharbat, Wheat & Maize Flour, oil, eggs and many more

Last year, we delivered 500 Eid gifts to nearly 500 families across very under privileged families, across the South Bengal, India

The impact of Eid gifts

For BPL (Below Poverty Line) Families, receiving gifts is a key highlight of Eid day and many look forward to being spoilt by parents and relatives. However, for families living in poverty, widows and orphaned children, existing struggles make it difficult to enjoy Eid celebrations.

Your donations can make a difference in spreading joy and easing the burden on parents and carers this Eid.

Cloth Distribution by Rahmah Foundation | Joyous Moment for Needy | 2024

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