Eid Mubarak_1441 Hijri

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Eid Mubarak to you and your family.
Even the days of celebration in Islam are linked to worship.
Unlike other nations and people Islam does not celebrate with music, dancing, liquor and entertainment.
The spirit of Islamic celebration is filled with love, serenity and spirituality.
Eid Salaah is a reminder to Muslims that although the compulsory fasting has ended
but the relationship with Allah can never end.
This is a link and bond which must be inseparable.
Ramadaan may soon be over but let it be a reflection of what the year ahead should be In sh’ Allah.
May Allah grant & accept all our dua’s …..and bestow His Mercy upon us.
May our hearts also remember those who have passed on and the ummah who are oppressed …
and may our Creator grant Shi’fa to those who are ill and starving
In sh’ Allah
May Allah grant us all the true spirit of EID. AMEEN!.
Allaahu Akbar
Allaahu Akbar.
Laa ilaaha illallahu Wallaahu Akbar
Allaahu Akbar Walilaahil Hamd






Mohammed Omer Khan, General Secretary
Bengal Educational &
Social Trust
Bengal Zakat Fund (BZF), Rahmah Foundation (RF)
1,  Nawab 
Badruddin  Street,  Kolkata  – 700 073,  India, 
Mobile: 9339105712

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