Give Your Qurbani Sacrifice Now – May this Eid worthy for needy – 2024 – 1445 Hijri

Give Your Qurbani Sacrifice Now – My Dear Friend of the Poor

Give Your Qurbani Sacrifice Now
The Quran highlights for us the great worldly objectives of qurbani sacrifice

Eid Ul Adha Mubarak

     Assalamu ‘alaykum. Allah Shower You with the Blessings of these Holy Days.
The sacred month of Hajj has come at last – its abundant divine rewards there for the taking.
Sacrifice is Hajj time’s prime deed: A sure Sunnah. A superb sadaqah. A charity Allah highly rewards. He called it for our father Abraham: “A Sacrifice of a Magnificent Offering!” And a “ransom” for his son, Ismail.
That’s the primary lesson of the udhiyah for us:

Give Your Qurbani Sacrifice Now – Our sacrifice delivers life!

The Quran highlights for us the great worldly objectives of qurbani sacrifice this Eid Ul Adha:
     To feed fresh, nutritional meat to the destitute in dire need, the hungry and starving, along with our own families and neighbors in remembrance of the true and only God and gratitude to Him.
We sacrifice charitable offerings …
for the starving millions. So they can –
✦ Feast with us.
✦ Smile with us.
✦ Celebrate with us.
✦ Glorify God with us.
     ✦ On the Eid of Sacrifice!
All peace to you & Allah’s mercy.

Reap the unparalleled rewards of these holiest days!
Give Your Udhiyah-Qurbani Sacrifice Now!

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