Jacinda Ardern suggests hosting ‘politics bootcamp’ for Muslim women aspiring to leadership —- Adam I. Seedat 25th Aug 2019

Jacinda Ardern has agreed to organise a ‘politics
bootcamp’ for Muslim women who want to move into local or central government
Her comments came as she spoke at the Women’s Council
of New Zealand annual conference in Māngere, South Auckland today.
During a question and answer time, an Auckland Council
staffer asked how women could “rise as leaders” in an environment
where racism and challenges abound.
 “In your view, can we beat the odds and get there
where you all are?” the woman asked Ms Ardern.
 The Prime Minister then asked the audience who else
aspired to a career in politics.
 With a large show of hands, Ms Ardern then mooted the
idea of a political forum for women.
 “I would love for us to create a forum where we
can spend some time together, as politicians and women with those who are
interested in taking on leadership roles,” she said.
 The idea was met with applause from the crowd as Ms
Ardern continued to brainstorm the event.
 “I will be there and we can have this
conversation,” she said.
 “It would be wonderful, so let’s be practical and
start politics bootcamp.”
 Ms Ardern says she is happy to help women from all
different backgrounds that are interested in breaking into politics.

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