Muslims can still get
Babri-Masjid back
Hem Raj Jain
Sir / Madam
Sub:- USA / UNHRC / UN should take
cognizance of unprofessional Supreme Courts of nuclear India & Pakistan
making South Asia politically explosive
countries being run on rule-of-law cannot function properly if their apex
courts indulge in over-reach, majoritarianism, judicial-cowardice etc.
Therefore USA (the leader of free world), UNHRC and UN should ensure through a
mechanism at UN that UNHRC intervenes in the proceedings of the Supreme Courts
of nuclear India & Pakistan (with the permission of these Courts)
especially in cases which have brought Pakistan & India on the brink of
internal political explosion & even war between them, as mentioned at:-  or


​Hem Raj Jain
(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)
Shakopee, MN, USA.
Whatsapp: 7353541252 

P.S. – The un-Islamic coward Muslims (who are
not filing writ petitions despite my repeated request to them as mentioned
at ) got what they
deserved through said November, 9 SCI judgment. Even now if Muslims want to get
Babri-Masjid back then (ii)- They should change all the Advocates who were
fighting Babri Masjid case in SCI.
 and  (ii)- They should file Review in SCI as per my legal
& political advice  

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