Surat Al Hajj – And proclaim the ‘Hajj’ among mankind – ‘Qur`an’ ~ Surat Al-Ĥaj A #27

Surat Al Hajj

‘And proclaim the ‘Hajj’ among mankind.
 They will come to thee on foot and 

 mounted on every camel , 
  lean on account of journeys
 through deep and distant mountain highways ‘.

[Source:- ‘Qur`an’ ~ Surat Al-Ĥaj – سورة الحج A # 27]

 Superlative, Rare & Old Pictures of ‘Hajj’ [1953]
Surat Al - Hajj
 Pilgrims arriving in ‘Makkah’!
 A sign you see upon entering ‘Makkah’ !
 This is Mina ! 
 Shaving the head !


‘Jamarat’ !
 ‘Uhdiya’ being distributed to the poor !
The Incredible ‘Ka’ba’ {!}



 Pilgrims performing ‘Tawaf ‘ !


‘Ma Sha Allah’ {!}
‘Ma Sha Allah’ !

As Mentioned in Surat Al Hajj:-   Entrance to the Masjid.


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