Eye Camp by Rahmah Foundation | Consistent Help to the needy Since 2010

Eye Camp by Rahmah Foundation | Since 2010

Eye Camp by Rahmah Foundation Since 2010
Eye Camp by Rahmah Foundation
Eye Camps by Rahmah Foundation
Eye Camps by Rahmah Foundation

Eye Camps by Rahmah Foundation:

Eye Camps by Rahmah Foundation is the most effective way of providing eye care service to a large number of people in a short time. We identify a large number of cataract patients through these eye camps. It is completely free for patients. We conduct eye camps with the cooperation of local administration, union parishad, and educational institutions.

In 2019 a total of 125 eye camps were held in different districts of West Bengal. In these eye camps, 10,000 patients were screened, 5000 spectacles were distributed and 2000 eye drops were given out. From these eye camps, 1000 eye surgery patients were identified and later operated through our partner hospitals. Rahmah Foundation provided different services in the eye camps by expert eye doctors. In these eye camps, basic services were provided such as screening and correcting refractive errors by providing eyeglasses, providing medicines to address allergy and other eye conditions, and identification of cataracts and other surgical cases.

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