Muslim Mass Marriage Ceremony in West Bengal | Most Gracious Moment for Couples – 2024

Muslim Mass Marriage Ceremony in West Bengal

Muslim Mass Marriage Ceremony
Muslim Mass Marriage Ceremony

And finally to India, where over 20 couples were married in a mass wedding ceremony in the Jamia Islahul Banat state of West Bengal on Sunday 11th February 2024. In a program organized by the Rahmah Foundation Trust, a total of 20 couples were wed in traditional Muslim rituals in 24 Parganas. They the couples come from poor financial backgrounds and cannot afford weddings of their own. The participating couples received gifts, including furniture and home appliances to help them begin their married lives.

Muslim Mass Marriage Ceremony : Items given to couples

Driving Training Project:
Cloth Distribution Project:
Sponsor a child in West Bengal:
Goat Distribution Project:
Cooked Food Distribution for poor and deprived people:
Eye Camp Project:
Cycle Van Distribution Project:
Agricultural Project:
Tailoring School Project:
Blanket Distribution Project:
Eid gift Distribution Project:
Muslim Mass Marriage Project:
Water Pump Project:

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