Rahmah Foundation Tailoring School | Help them learn fine sewing skills 2024

Sewing Machine Distribution by Rahmah Foundation

Sewing Machine Distribution by Rahmah Foundation

Rahmah Foundation run Rahmah Foundation Tailoring Schools at Dist. 24 Parganas North and District: Hooghly

  1. Shyamnagar
  2.  Jagaddal
  3. Kankinara
  4. Hazinagar
  5. Telenipara
  6. Tasleem Academy
  7. Howwa Lil Banat Academy

The Certificate Distribution at Shyamnagar, Kankinara and Telenipara after the completion of Six (6)month course. All the program, were very much successful and the local people appreciated the Rahmah Foundation’s this project very much. All these 5 Tailoring Schools Run and Managed by Rahmah Foundation and located in Industrial belt of West Bengal where very poor and downtrodden Muslim Community of Islamic Ummah reside.

Certificate Distribution by Rahmah Foundation
Certificate Distribution by Rahmah Foundation
Students of Rahmah Foundation Tailoring School
Students of Rahmah Foundation Tailoring School

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