A Book For Every Child | Support a child’s education | Donate Online 2024

A Book For Every Child

A Book For Every Child | Donate Online

Rahmah Foundation strongly feels that there is no problem in the world which education cannot resolve. A book for every child is must. They believe that with proper guidance, everyone can find their purpose of living and live a happy, smooth and peaceful life. They believe too that all children must get the opportunity to get the basic education so that they can have at least the basic idea of what they want from life.

support a child's education
Support a child’s education

Support a child’s education

This campaign is about educational material for the kids. Mission Learning Foundation needs your help to provide the essentials to these poor children so that their study will not stop in midway.

We are distributing the study material to these children who were in need very badly. Your contribution has helped them to continue their study.

Child Education Matters

Thank you very much for your kind support to help some poor children. Your contribution has reached us. We are distributing the study material to these children who were in need very badly. Your contribution has helped them to continue their study. Now they do not have to stop their education and take a step forward to a bright future.


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