Child Education Project | Eradicate illiteracy and earn bountiful deeds

Child Education Project | Establishment of School by Rahmah Foundation

Child Education Project

Establishment of School by Rahmah Foundation

Rahmah Foundation established school in a very remote village of Dhanya Ghata, P.S.  Mandir Bazar, Dist- 24 Parganas. A child’s right to education entails the right to learn. Yet, for too many children across the globe, schooling does not lead to learning.

Over 50,000 lacs children in the village are unable to attain minimum proficiency levels in reading and mathematics, even though two thirds of them are in school. For out-of-school children, foundational skills in literacy and numeracy are further from grasp.

Children are deprived of education for various reasons. Poverty remains one of the most obstinate barriers. Children living through economic fragility, political instability, conflict or natural disaster are more likely to be cut off from schooling – as are those with disabilities, or from ethnic minorities. In some countries, education opportunities for girls remain severely limited.

Even in schools, a lack of trained teachers, inadequate education materials and poor infrastructure make learning difficult for many students. Others come to class too hungry, ill or exhausted from work or household tasks to benefit from their lessons.

Eradicate Illiteracy

Compounding these inequities is a digital divide of growing concern: Most of the remote villages school-aged children do not have internet connection in their homes, restricting their opportunities to further their learning and skills development.

Without quality education, children face considerable barriers to employment later in life. They are more likely to suffer adverse health outcomes and less likely to participate in decisions that affect them – threatening their ability to shape a better future for themselves and their societies.

Impact of Child Education Project | Eradicate illiteracy

Rahmah Foundation provide them with required stationery, books, necessary equipment’s like uniform, School bags, Pencil, pencil box. We also provide with midday meals.

Report card of Child Education Project

Rahmah Foundation cater more than 100 students in this school and provide all basic necessary needs.

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